The Diver Certification Board of Canada is a federally registered, not-for-profit body which is partially funded by stakeholder contributions and partially by the fees received for certificates. The amount of the fee varies according to the certificate. The fee for a given certificate is set after consideration of such criteria as:

  • The seriousness of the consequences of issuing a certificate to an unqualified candidate.
  • The time taken to verify information submitted by a candidate.
  • The earning power of the certificate.
  • The difficulty in obtaining the certificate in terms of training and experience.
  • The fees charged over five years by other certifying bodies and professional associations (in 2013) (e.g. RN’s $1,960; Licensed Practical Nurses $1,400; Professional Engineers (in NS) $1,250; Lawyers (in NS) $9,725; Engineering Technologists $825; Realtors $2,175; PADI Instructors $1,250)
  • All fees are in Canadian dollars.
  • All fees were increased by 10% on August 1, 2010; the first increase in seven years.


Certificate Fee
Occupational SCUBA Diver $220
Restricted Surface Supplied Diver $275
Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver $330
SCUBA Supervisor $275
Restricted Surface Supplied Supervisor $385
Unrestricted Surface Supplied Supervisor $440
Surface Supplied Mixed-Gas Diver $385
Surface Supplied Mixed-Gas Supervisor $440
Surface Supplied Tender $165
Hyperbaric Chamber Operator $110
Offshore Air Diving Supervisor $495
Closed Bell Diver $550
Bell Diving Supervisor $660
Inshore Diving Safety Specialist $550
Offshore Diving Safety Specialist (Surface Supplied) $770
Offshore Diving Safety Specialist (Bell Diving) $770
Life Support Technician $275
Life Support Supervisor $330
ROV Pilot/Technician Level 2 $110
ROV Pilot/Technician Level 1 $275
ROV Senior Pilot/Technician $330
ROV Pilot/Technician Supervisor $440


  1. Fees are for a five year certificate.
  2. Fees for initial certification after training, valid for two years only, will be reduced by 50% from those shown above.
  3. Candidates pay only one fee, regardless of the number of endorsements on the certificate; e.g. if an Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver certificate is endorsed for SCUBA Supervisor the candidate pays only the USSD fee.
  4. Please make cheques payable to the Diver Certification Board of Canada
  5. Click the PayPal Logo to pay your fees online with your credit card. Please note that fees are increased by the PayPal fee of 3%
  6. Payments can also be made by Interac eTransfer to tpark@divercertification.com