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Introductory Course in Diving Medicine - Fitness to Dive
Quebec City 7-11 May 2018


This course, offered by Undersea Medicine Canada, will be held at the Quebec Aquarium in Quebec City from 7-11 May 2018. This Group Learning Program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for 35 MAINPRO+ CME credits.

For further information please contact Dr. Debbie Pestell (




The Diver Certification Board of Canada certifies occupational divers, accredits schools which train occupational divers and presents the annual Canadian Underwater Conference and Exhibition.  For more details on the conference please click here.


The Diver Certification Board of Canada (DCBC) is a federally incorporated not-for-profit body which was originally set up to replace the offshore diver certification regime of the National Energy Board and the offshore petroleum boards.  DCBC is the only national body which certifies offshore and inshore occupational (commercial) divers in Canada.

The DCBC offers certification to occupational divers and supervisors who can demonstrate that they have sufficient training and experience to enable them to meet the competency requirements of the appropriate section of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Competency Standard for Diving, Hyperbaric Chamber, and Remotely Operated Vehicle Operations (CSA Standard Z275.4).


Certificates issued by the DCBC are recognized by Australia (ADAS), France, Norway, South Africa, the United Kingdom (HSE) and the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA).

The Diver Certification Board of Canada accredits occupational diver training organizations which train to the competency levels described in CSA Standard Z275.4.  Accredited occupational diver training organizations can also assess the competency of experienced occupational divers who were not trained at an accredited school.





• Information Note:  Benefits of DCBC Certification• Information Note:  DCBC Certificates and Competency



Guideline for Diving Operations at Dams and Other Worksites where Delta P Conditions May Exist


2016 Annual Report