ROV Certification

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Levels of Certification Available

Pilot/Technician Level 2

Pilot/Technician Level 1

Senior Pilot/Technician

Pilot/Technician Supervisor


Classes of ROV

Class l - Observation

Class ll - Observation with Payload Capability

Class lll - Work Class

Class lV - Seabed Working Vehicles


How to Apply

For a choice of PDF or fillable application form please see below

Schedule of Fees

Pay your fee online; see Schedule of Fees (above)


The ROV personnel certification standard


Notes regarding the CSA competency standard (CSA Z275.4-12)

Development Committee

                   The development committee included representatives of ROV manufacturers, operators, pilot/technician course                          providers and the DCBC

Reference documentation used by the development committee

                  Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE): Skills Guidelines for ROV Technicians

                  International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA): ROV Competence Assurance

The ROV Certification Standard

The final Standard is now part of the Canadian Standards Association's Competency Standard for diving, hyperbaric chamber and remotely operated vehicle operations (CSA Z275.4-12)


Application Form


Click HERE for ROV personnel application form in PDF format

Click HERE for ROV personnel application form in fillable MSWord format