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Question - Completing the Application

I have been diving steadily since during the past five years and my certificate is about to expire.  Do you need me to send in all the hours of experience that I sent with my original application as well as my new experience?


No. We require that you provide only enough information to demonstrate that you have acquired diving experience in two of the previous five years which is appropriate for the certificate for which you are applying. Please see our renewals policy HERE.

Question - Duration of Certificates

I plan on applying for an unrestricted surface supplied diver certificate. How long is the certificate good for, and does it have to be renewed periodically?


Most certificates have to be renewed every five years. Divers who are newly graduated from an accredited diver training course will receive a certificate with a two-year validity only. As long as they participate in 50 diving activities including 10 logged dives during those two years they can then apply for a five-year certificate.

Question - Fees

I intend to renew my Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver certificate along with a SCUBA supervisor endorsement. Do I have to pay a separate fee for each certification.


Normally you will pay only one fee, the highest. In this case you would pay $330 CAD for the Unrestricted Surface Suplied Diver certificate only; the endorsement is complimentary. 

Question - Fees

Will I be paying the rates as listed or do I pay the 50% less amount?


Divers who will recveive a 5-year certificate will pay the full fee as listed. The only divers who receive a 50% discount are those who are newly graduated from an accredited diver training course; they will receive a certificate with a two-year validity only.

Question - No Formal Training

I have been diving since 1977. In 1981 I took the A.C.U.C. level 1 training course and been diving ever since. In 1985 I started doing some commercial work with various companies. I am 39 years of age and I have never done a commercial diving course. I do however have a couple of log books with records of commercial dives and have lots of time on surface supply air. The log books are stamped and signed by the dive supervisors. What do I need, or what can I do in order to be certified for Unrestricted Surface Supply?


Because you have no formal occupational diver training you cannot undergo a simple Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR) process. You would have to undergo formal surface supplied diver training at an accredited dive school; however, the school may be willing to credit some of your logged commercial dives towards your necessary bottom time.

Question - Who recognises DCBC certification?

Who recognizes DCBC certificates?


DCBC certificates are recognized by the National Energy Board (NEB), the offshore petroleum boards of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia (C-NLOPB and C-NSOPB), as well as by HSE, IMCA and the Australian Diving Accreditation Scheme (ADAS)